Four seasons landscaping & nursery

Four seasons landscaping & nursery

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Four seasons landscaping &, nursery

For the 'Eclectic-Elegant' client

We call the “Eclectic-Elegant” client, those who are aware of style as well as function. You will find this client, every day, in homes, buildings, offices and retail centers, all over the country.

Developing a working relationship with these clients is important because they are the most discriminating market.

Why the distinction? Because the design and style of most homes built by professionals is inappropriate for the environment and our clientele. Most designs fit the client’s style but are too expensive for their budget.

What the “Eclectic-Elegant” client wants is a design built by a contractor who will provide a professional quality landscape that looks as good as it works.

In addition, the landscaper must offer a customized and personal service, ensuring that the professional touches necessary to complete the landscape are more than a two-year commitment.

Professional level design and engineering concepts

We're firmly rooted in a generation of designers who work at the professional level. Our most experienced designers (as well as our most successful) have a long history of working professionally as a designer, engineer, architect or landscape architect. The design professionals and engineers who work for us are often recognized nationally and internationally.


We know that advancements in the field of landscape design occur when manufacturers, builders and developers are involved in the process. We are among the first to be on-site and make the first cut with clients.

New product and site-development ideas

We are part of the first generation of professionals to integrate actual site planning into the design process. We specialize in being on-site to help you choose from our wide selection of color palettes and to build the appropriate site plan and the functional designs for the project.

If you are looking to eliminate clay from your soil, remove stones and mulch or build a new shed in the yard, we can help you figure out how to best achieve your goal, given your budget.

Selling that bit of land next door or getting approval for a new deck on the back porch can be done with professional planning and design.

Nursery design

So, what is a nursery? We are not so sure either, but our “experts” tell us that it is a place where plants are prepared and planted in a small, outdoor environment that is beautiful as it works. Think “surprise planting” or the spontaneous design of an urban garden. It may look as formal as a traditional flower garden or as casual as an extensive container garden.

A nursery design will begin with a planting plan, whether you are growing plants for the landscape or one-time sale of plants. Your nursery design should accommodate a broad range of plants from a large number of suppliers. Since the nursery will be used for all stages of plant growth from seedlings to trees, we offer full turnkey service for new tree nurseries.

Some of our preferred suppliers include:

• – Spring Nursery (formerly Hollywood Nurseries) –

• – Groovescapes (formerly Bradford Nurseries) –

• – Thompson Horticulture –

• – Smith Farm (formerly Horwitz Nurseries) –

Let’s take a moment to look at some examples.

Every client should be able to see a broad range of plant choices so they can select one that will provide them with years of enjoyment and an outdoor environment that reflects their needs. In addition to the plants, we will include color and space considerations, especially if the plants are chosen for color.

Considerations for new plant selection and design include, but are not limited to:

• – Design theme – Maybe a new client does not want the look of a formal garden and wants to make their yard a welcoming place for visitors. (An evergreen hedge and border of shrubs is probably best for this approach.)

• – Plant seasonality – If your client wants to plant for spring or summer, our designers will make sure that this is done with a consideration for long-term care.

• – Plant needs – A client who needs help to care for plants will receive this assistance if the nursery provides all-inclusive care for plants or if the nursery offers a special collection for the new garden, such as a flowering crab apple collection, plants for shrubbery or masses of spring-flowering bulbs.

• – Floral accent – Plants, both seasonal and non-seasonal, are the basis of a new landscape. However, a few garden accessories add interest, complement flowers and provide a contrast to a new plant combination. Flower bulbs, shrubs, trees, patio garden accessories, water features, plantings and other things will be included in your plans.

• – Cost – One of the most important considerations will be the selection and pricing of plants. If we use the following information, you can see the difference in price for our customers:

• – Seasonal plant availability – Often, people know what they want to grow and choose from the available choices. Seasonal plants such as roses, asters, poppies, pelargoniums and a host of other plants are available all year and are less expensive than most perennials.

• – Size and value – There are many nursery plants that can be grown all year long or for only part of the year, and many of them are inexpensive. Our prices reflect the size of the plant and whether or not it is seasonal. The plants we sell come from a range of small and large sizes and are priced from $10 to $100 per plant.

• – Sales volume – If you visit a wholesale plant source, such as a specialty mail-order nursery, you will see plants that are priced at an average of two times the price of the plants we sell. A wholesale grower might sell a plant for $25, or even $50 for a small rose

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